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Car leasing reimagined

Exxeta is implementing a new, state of the art leasing platform, for Mercedes-Benz Leasing Germany.

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Our Impact

  • From POC to a new, functional leasing platform in just one year

  • Successful integration of over 20 peripheral systems

  • State-of-the-art contract management system in the cloud

The Challenge

Mercedes-Benz is reorganising its leasing business. In order to really take off, a new subsidiary - Mercedes-Benz Leasing Deutschland GmbH (MBLD) - was founded. The reason: A stronger start-up atmosphere, focus on the customer as early as the design stage, and a successive build-up based on an MVP approach are intended to shorten time-to-market, reach customers better, and enable agile work in short delivery cycles.

The goal: a state-of-the-art system landscape for a seamless customer journey.

The Solution

In this project, old meets new world: Our large project team, consisting of experts from both Mercedes Benz Leasing and Exxeta, join forces to integrate a new contract management system into the existing system and newly established process landscape. To do this, we are using the standard leasing software Alfa, use standards as far as possible and focus our development on differentiation that can be experienced by the customer and that creates value.

We are saying goodbye to the traditional on-prem infrastructure, building the new systems in the public cloud and moving old applications - modernised - there.

Creating a state-of-the-art customer journey

The customer journey should inspire customers - across all touchpoints, e.g. online or in stationary retail. The focus is on a seamless, redesigned process: from registration and vehicle configuration to application and processing. We develop the front-end together with a sister company of MBLD in short cycles - we start from scratch and deliver the project from proof of concept to market maturity. The close cooperation with our contact persons is crucial for a fast implementation.

We analyse and integrate over 20 peripheral systems for all necessary functionalities. Always in our minds: Data protection, authentication and the uniform customer journey.

Setting up a clean database for technical implementation

Particular attention is paid to system integration. This is because it is imperative that invoices and other relevant documents arrive and can be processed in the backend correctly, unambiguously and to the cent. We are completely rebuilding the data basis for this - ensuring the system is future-proof and meets the latest technological and data protection requirements.

Our principle is to automate as many processes as possible. The advantage is obvious: automated processes are less prone to errors and allow employees more time for personal contact with the target group.

The time frame

The clearly communicated go-live of MBLD means: the time frame is tight - especially for a project of this size. Extreme focus and prioritization allow us to implement the complex project scope in under a year and enable the go-live of the system.


Having successfully implemented the leasing application and completion path for the dealer-supported B2C and B2B business, we are continuously working with the customer to expand their product portfolio. The goal is now to ensure the "sales of the future" with the online application and closing process.

What the experts say

  • "It always seems impossible until it's done (Nelson Mandela)"- this guiding principle inspired us all and together with our colleagues from Exxeta we made the impossible possible and managed the go-live of the new system in less than a year."

  • “The strategic goal of this project combined with a tight schedule and high complexity spurred us on to the greatest creativity, flexibility and energy output. Thanks to the partnership and highly coordinated collaboration with MBLD, the agile way of working and the unconditional will of all involved, we were able to respond to and overcome challenges together.”

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