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Committed to sustainability

Sustainability drives how we operate, both internally and externally, in all processes and projects.

Pioneering work in digital sustainability

To make the world more digital - and more sustainable. That is our goal. We are successfully working to make Exxeta more sustainable as a business. That is why we have made sustainability the overriding business principle in our Balanced Scorecard. Always in focus: the three pillars of the triple bottom line.

  • Ecological

    Living and doing business in an environmentally sustainable way means using natural resources at a rate that they can regenerate. We use algorithms and automation to develop solutions that conserve resources. For intelligent mobility, optimal use of renewable energies and measurably sustainable financial products. For business models of the future that are both economically and ecologically sustainable.

  • Social

    We take our corporate social responsibility seriously. For us, social sustainability means addressing the growing gap between rich and poor. We put people first. That is why we initiate and support social projects, promote diversity and co-determination, equality and the personal and professional development of our employees.

  • Economic

    Profit and growth are not ends in themselves, but the basis for a holistic positive impact. A company can only drive long-term environmental and social improvements if it is economically sound. If it is able to invest in state-of-the-art software, the best people and their development. With our digital solutions, we make our customers economically viable for the future - and thus ensure sustainability in all dimensions.

Impact Report 2022

The name says it all: Our first Impact Report shows the impact we generated on a social, ecological and economic level in 2022.

Sustainability in Action

Stronger together

Sustainability has many faces at Exxeta. Above all, it means taking it on - together: in our communities, in our daily work, in pro bono projects or in the form of targeted fundraising campaigns.

Sustainability has many faces

  • With our Sustainability Community, we have created a focal point for all employees to develop and promote sustainability measures across departmental boundaries. These are structures that help us drive sustainability in a holistic way.


  • Voluntary organisations can make a big difference to sustainability. But the biggest emitter of CO2 is the economy, with finance as an incentive. It is one of the biggest levers. Through my work in sustainable finance, I can make a positive difference.


  • Sustainability at Exxeta has many facets. One of them is particularly close to my heart: women's empowerment. As a female leader in the IT world, I have experienced a lot and I believe that other colleagues can benefit from my experience.


Community Projects

  • Bienfait

    Bienfait is a not-for-profit project that aims to improve medical care for children in Rwanda. One major challenge: There is no central data collection system to document the health status of children. Exxeta teamed up with Bienfait to develop a technical solution to this problem. The result is a mobile app. It helps aid workers in the field to collect all relevant data on children's health.

  • Impact Camp

    The Exxeta Impact Camp brings together young talent and established companies once a year to work together on a sustainable future. The goal of the two-week camp in 2022 was to develop business models and products that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. The challenges came from our sponsors, who also acted as coaches for the 35 students.

  • Pari App

    The Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverein is facing a challenge: finding the right job for committed social workers from a variety of fields. Thanks to our technological expertise, the PARI app was created - the job exchange for the social sector. The app enables job seekers to find suitable positions in the voluntary welfare sector. At the same time, member organisations receive support from new professionals, contributing to the overall growth of social work. To increase the impact, we plan to publish the source code.

  • Womentoring

    As part of the internal project group Women@exxeta Community, we have launched a special mentoring offer for women. WoMentoring offers female employees the opportunity to discuss professional or private issues with an experienced colleague in a confidential setting. The aim is to support women in their professional development and to strengthen their self-confidence. The exchange with an experienced colleague can provide new ideas and solutions to professional challenges.

  • "Gemeinschaftswerk Nachhaltigkeit"

    n 2019, the Federal Government launched the Gemeinschaftswerk Nachhaltigkeit, a new initiative and open platform to promote sustainability engagement in Germany. The Gemeinschaftswerk Nachhaltigkeit aims to provide organisations and their activities with visibility and a place to network. Our contribution: After extensive product discovery, our interdisciplinary team designed and developed a platform. A beta version of the platform was officially launched on 26 September at the annual conference of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE). We are now continuously developing it further.

  • Hydrogen research project

    Mittweida University of Applied Sciences has set up the Blockchain Competence Centre. Among other things, it is looking at how the energy supply of blockchain technology could look in the future. Our answer: a hydrogen research project. As the hydrogen market takes off, digital solutions have not yet been sufficiently taken into account. That's why we decided to work on a transparent chain of custody. The research project will enable green hydrogen to be seamlessly tracked from the producer to the end user, helping to reduce CO2 emissions. After all, a functioning chain of custody is a prerequisite for the green hydrogen market.

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