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We back European early-stage teams building outstanding software

We're the operational VC arm of Exxeta AG. We do thesis-driven B2B software investments and help you scale with more than 1,200 tech experts, allowing you to focus on your core product.

We invest in solutions that ...

Provide picks and shovels for builders

We believe in a future of tools, applications, platforms and infrastructure where people are easily enabled to solve problems with software and developers are equipped with a more productive, flexible and automated way of working. 

Glue software together

We believe in startups that create tools, applications and platforms providing a communication layer for coherent ecosystems, enabling developers to create software systems which talk to each other seamlessly. 

Optimize business processes

We believe the future of business workflows will focus on efficiency by automating manual labor and increasing process accuracy and new tools will help to focus less on repetitive but more on the creative source of labour. 

Leverage large amounts of data

We believe in the potential of solutions that provide access to large amounts of data over heterogeneous sources so data engineering and analytics can facilitate or automate decision making on large scale. 

Solve tomorrow’s regulatory challenges

We believe in normative business purpose and hence in solutions that help organizations navigate regulatory frameworks and dissolve organizational complexities for easy adoption of global compliance standards.  

Are we the right partner for you?

Here are five basic investment criteria for you to figure it out

  • 1. Stage

    We feel most comfortable in Seed or Series A funding rounds.
  • 2. Ticket size

    We typically invest €250k to €500k.
  • 3. Validated problem

    We look for validated user problems and tested solutions.
  • 4. Diverse teams

    We cherish heterogeneous teams with complimentary skill sets
  • 5. Roadmap to profitability

    We value a clear path to profitable growth.

Founders about us

  • Lumiform

    “We are happy to have joined forces with Exxeta as a great operational partner accelerating our enterprise integrations and product growth”

  • ZenAdmin

    "We are more than happy to have Exxeta Ventures on board as one of our earliest backers. Exxeta Ventures moves quickly, walks the talk and their deep subject matter expertise in product & tech is an invaluable asset for us." 

  • Secjur

    “With Exxeta Ventures we have access to vast resources of experienced data analysts and engineers. Together we can accelerate our product depth with regards to automation layers and NLP.”

Our Portfolio

Your Exxeta Ventures Team

  • Yannick Sonnenberg

    Managing Director

  • Paul Junghardt


  • Frieder Scholz


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