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Exxeta is aware of its corporate, social and environmental responsibility. Our value-based compliance is bindingly defined in Exxeta's Sustainability and Code of Conduct, which provides an overview of the basic orientation guiding our company: Exxeta Sustainability and Code of Conduct.

As a responsible company, we want to behave in accordance with the law and rules at all times. Conduct in violation of the rules is investigated, evaluated and appropriate consequences are subsequently drawn.

In order to identify irregularities and violations at an early stage and to counter risks, we also rely on the assistance of employees of our company as well as our business partners and external stakeholders. In particular, our whistleblower system gives you the opportunity at any time to report violations of the law against Exxeta and to draw attention to actions that expose Exxeta to the risk of penalties, fines or claims for damages. Reports can be made online via a web-based application or by telephone. The whistleblower system provides a protected and secure reporting channel for this purpose. It enables confidential and encrypted communication with Exxeta's compliance team and guarantees the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers and those affected. Any information submitted is investigated and followed up while maintaining confidentiality. The principle of presumption of innocence as well as proportionality is always upheld in investigations and in each confirmed individual case it is reviewed which measures are suitable, necessary and appropriate.

You can submit concrete information about legal violations or breaches of rules in connection with Exxeta AG in text form or by telephone via the page of our web-based portal.

External whistleblower portal: