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We & you: real characters 

For us, less is more. Except when it comes to good people. We want you on board to make the world a better and more digital place. Will you help us?

Who we're looking for

We're real

Origin, age, preferences - it doesn't matter to us. What counts is that we believe in a common cause and we think outside the box together. Above all: That we're always open and honest with each other. Come join us now.

We don't just talk, we act

We. Do. Things. Maybe you've already noticed: We like to get to the point. We convince with actions rather than words. If you prefer fostering sustainability over playing bullshit bingo too - then you should become a part of Exxeta.

High-tech with a heartbeat

We're a home for tech lovers and do-gooders. What drives us is the irrepressible urge to make the world a little better with passion and technology. More digital, more sustainable. That's why Exxeta means: Hi tech with a heartbeat. Want to create real impact too?

Our bonus features

  • Lifelong Learning

    Workshops & Mentoring: We're always learning

  • Fancy a get away?

    No problem: 30 days vacation and a sabbatical

  • Insurance included

    Up to 1200 Euro subsidy for your glasses, teeth or massages

  • Flexible working arrangements

    In the morning, the evening, or on the road? Work when and where you want

  • Always on the go

    We subsidize your (electric) bike

  • Unforgettable events

    We celebrate success as a team

  • An apple a day …

    Coffee, tea, cola, fruit - it's on us

  • Well equipped

    Modern hardware which you can use privately too

That's us



Come join us

Application processes are often rather lengthy, non-transparent processes. Not with us. We want to get down to business as quickly as possible.

  • 1. The paperwork

    Unfortunately, something we cannot skip - but we're happy to do it digitally. Write to us and we'll get back to you within two weeks.
  • 2. Let’s talk

    There's nothing like a personal interview. Meet us at one of our offices or via video.
  • 3. Challenge accepted

    We like each other - great! Depending on the position, we might have a little challenge for you. Stay curious.
  • 4. Let's get to business

    Let's talk again. But this time business. Specifically: What tasks and figures are in your contract?
  • 5. Welcome on board!

    Bienvenidos, hartelijk welkom – Good to have you. Straight to onboarding or do you fancy a welcome drink first?


Get in touch!