Transforming mindsets and markets

For more than 15 years, we have been driven by a passion for innovation and digital transformation through technological solutions. Over 1000 employees create real impact every day. With the combination of technology, empathy and expertise we change mindsets, businesses and markets.

Our values

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    People First

    We want to stand out professionally and personally. That's why we focus on people, not just KPIs. Only when different competencies and approaches come together do we create something new.

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    Passion is power

    Experience and expertise are one thing - what spurs us on to deliver at our top performance every time is our passion for technological progress. With 100% passion for the best solution.

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    Creating impact

    We want to make a difference. We support and implement social and ecological projects. Our goal: Real solutions for business challenges that work from an economic and sustainable point of view.

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    “As a tech company and digitalization consultancy, we don't want to tie ourselves down. We stand for views, people and skills that complement each other. Like software and hardware. Humanity and professionalism. Business and technology. That's what makes Exxeta and that's what our brand reflects. Always high-tech with a heartbeat.”


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    “We've been making the world more digital for over 15 years. The next step is obvious: we want to make it better. With our passion for technology, we not only drive digital transformation, but also create real positive impact together with our customers. With digital services and products, we help them to position themselves sustainably.”


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    “Exxeta means proven methods combined with a hands-on mentality. Through our co-creational and hypothesis-based approach, our results are tailored to the customer's individual needs and can be implemented sustainably. We in the Business Builder team use this for the development of digital strategies, innovative business models or even cutting-edge operational models.“


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    “For us, it's not just the "why" that's important. When it comes to finding the solution that moves our customers forward, our question is always: "Why not? In other words, we approach every challenge, no matter how complex, with a real hands-on mentality, trying out new solutions with a great deal of creativity - and always with a 100 percent pragmatic mindset.“


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    “Key industries shape our economy and society - and we shape them. With the overarching goal of a better, more sustainable world, we develop digital products of the future for the changing financial and energy industries as well as the mobility sector. Our customers lead the way with sustainable digital solutions.“


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    "Mission impossible is not something Exxeta knows. Many different personalities, competencies and points of view also mean that we always have exactly the right people working together at the right time – solving every problem. That's what makes us tick and spurs us on to top performance every day."


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    "Technologies are created by people – not by individuals, but by successful teams. At Exxeta, diverse teams work together to create digital solutions for our customers. The energy of these brilliant colleagues and their enthusiasm for a common goal, take the team to new heights, making both us and our customers successful."


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    "Due to the heterogeneous team composition and the coverage of several future-oriented specialist areas, learning never stops at Exxeta. Challenges or strategic projects are always looked at from different angles. This often provides the solution with a refreshingly holistic picture."


What makes us strong

Pioneering into digital sustainability

Our goal: Sustainability through digitization. What helps us achieve this are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Sustainability is anchored as the overriding business principle in our balanced scorecard. It determines our actions in all internal and external processes and projects. Always in focus: The three pillars of the Triple Bottom Line.

  • Ecological

    Living and doing business in an ecologically sustainable manner means using natural resources only to the extent that they can regenerate. The foundation for this is digital technologies: We use algorithms and automation to develop resource-conserving solutions. For intelligent mobility, the optimal use of renewable energies and measurably sustainable financial products. For business models of the future that are both economically and ecologically sustainable.

  • Economical

    Profit and growth are not ends in themselves, but the foundation of a holistic positive impact. A company can only initiate ecological and social improvements in the long term if it is on a sound economic footing. If it can invest in state-of-the-art software, the best employees and their further development. With our digital solutions, we make our customers economically sustainable for the future - and thus ensure sustainability across all dimensions.

  • Social

    We take our social responsibility seriously. For us, social sustainability means countering the growing gap between rich and poor. Focusing on people. That is why we initiate and support social projects, promote diversity and equality, co-decision-making, and the personal and professional development of our employees.

Exxeta Cosmus

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    Exxeta Ventures

    Exxeta Ventures is Exxeta's VC arm which invests in B2B software companies. The goal: to scale businesses effectively. For this purpose, we additionally offer tech for equity and draw the expertise for this from our more than 1,200 tech experts.

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    estar offers innovative SaaS solutions for energy trading. That's special about it: The solutions can be customized to a high degree and help customers to generate a real competitive advantage. estar is a spin-off of Exxeta AG.

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    Anacision helps customers make intelligent and analytically sound decisions. Specifically, the software helps optimize production processes - with AI, IoT, and cloud technology. Anacision is a subsidiary of Exxeta.

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