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Data & AI

Collecting data alone is not enough. It only has a value when we use it correctly. With the right analysis and AI-based methods, we get the most out of all data - for more efficiency, optimised revenue channels and new, successful business models.

Fields of Action

Our data experts help create real value: through smart data management, more insights and AI implementation that creates business advantages for the company.

  • Data Engineering – The Enabler for Data-Driven Success

    Without a solid data foundation, it is difficult for companies to gain real insights and recommendations for action from their data. Our expertise in data engineering helps to structure data and make it accessible - the basis for optimisation, scaling and innovation.

  • Data Science – Unlock the Value of Data

    Many companies struggle to draw meaningful insights from their data and identify the right use cases. Our experts take a holistic approach to data strategy.

    The focus: identifying use cases with high potential for business value and state-of-the-art data science techniques for more growth. Empower your company with new revenue streams, optimised business models and competitive advantages.

  • Data Strategy – Empowering Value Generation

    Unlock the true potential of your data projects and products with a well-crafted data strategy. Success hinges on meticulous due diligence, comprehensive design, and expert delivery steering.

    Prepare your organization for context-driven excellence and unleash the power of data-driven success.

  • Artificial Intelligence – The Future is Now

    Artificial intelligence is no longer a buzzword, but a powerful tool that helps companies gain new insights, drive innovation and stay ahead of the competition. The problem: trust and implementation issues.

    We use Explainable AI to build trust and realise the full potential of AI disruption. From predictive analytics to natural language processing – our experts offer a full range of AI services to drive growth and improve business outcomes.

  • Business Analytics – Empower Your Organization

    Our (Self-Service) Business Intelligence & Analytics consultants help businesses make data-driven decisions by empowering the organization to effectively analyze and visualize information from data.

    We offer modern cloud-based BI & Analytics platforms, combining extensive domain expertise with technical know-how to analyze data in the cloud. This enables self-service capabilities that can scale information delivery, ensuring analytical and informed decisions at all levels of the organization.


  • Use-Case driven design for tailored solutions

    We focus on understanding our clients' needs and end-users from the outset, ensuring that we design data platforms and databases that solve their specific problems and provide real value.

  • Unlocking the AI blackbox

    Our approach to Explainable AI ensures that our models are transparent and easily understood, building trust with both end-users and stakeholders.

  • A holistic approach to data

    We focus on identifying and delivering value to your business through data, rather than getting bogged down in minor details or individual problems.

  • Cloud-based BI & Analytics Platforms

    We use modern and scalable BI & Analytics platforms and work with a range of technology partners such as SAP, Azure, and AWS to ensure compatibility with all major BI solutions.

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