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Digital CO2 Calculator

Exxeta creates CO2 calculator for the distribution of a sustainable impact fund

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The Challenge

Sustainable investments are increasingly becoming the focus of investors. However, measuring the positive impact of sustainable investments can be a real challenge. One approach to solving this problem is to determine the individual carbon footprint using predefined categories. This makes it possible to compare the individual CO2 footprint with the targeted CO2 avoidance through sustainable investment.

Together with one of the largest asset managers in Germany, we wanted to create a customized CO2 calculator to calculate the CO2 footprint of individuals. The goal: Making it possible to link the individual carbon footprint with compensation effects from sustainable real asset investments, contained in an impact fund.    

The Solution

Together with our customer, we first analyzed different methods for determining the CO2 footprint. Based on this, we designed the customized CO2 calculator - and thus offered a smart entry into the sale of sustainable products.

We focused on easy navigation and combined a user-focused approach with optimized usability. This makes the added value tangible for customers.

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