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From data collection to efficient emissions balancing

Exxeta develops digital data product to measure CO2 emissions of the German Alpine Club (DAV)

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Our Impact

  • Multi-stage emission calculation in over 100 locations

  • Efficiency increases in decision-making processes through data-based analyses

  • Central data dashboard for exploratory analyses

The Challenge

A balance sheet of the emitted emissions is essential for the development of emission-reducing measures and achieving climate neutrality. It provides information on the climate impact of companies and thus forms the basis for understanding one's own actions and reaching climate protection goals. Something which also applied to our client, the German Alpine Club (DAV). The largest mountain sports association in the world and one of the largest national sports and nature conservation associations in Germany places climate-friendly action at the core of its activities and decided to draw up an emissions balance sheet for the entire DAV with the goal of climate neutrality from 2030.

The problem: emissions data from organisations are usually distributed across a large number of fragmented data points and locations. This was also the case with the DAV. The reason: The association and its sections are run on a voluntary basis and the structures often differ from section to section. This makes data collection and consolidation a real challenge. Another challenge: the project timeline was jeopardised when the original service provider went out of business.

Together with the DAV, we realise the data calculation including plausibility check for the preparation of the emissions balance.

The Solution

A pragmatic process model based on our comprehensive competences in the field of software and ESG.

First, we establish a structured process for data collection, which is tailored to the existing infrastructure of the DAV. This ensures that we comply with data protection guidelines in addition to cost aspects. In addition to the collection, we also take care of the consolidation of the fragmented data points and locations. Through automated plausibility checks based on our ESG expertise and the implementation of correction models, we ensure that the data becomes consistent and meaningful.

Reducing emissions through Deep Data

This enables the creation of multi-level emissions views at the level of individual assets such as climbing gyms, site-specific section levels as well as aggregated at the organisational level and a detailed analysis and assessment of emissions at the local level. In addition to identifying specific CO2 savings potential, this also enables the DAV to conduct an exploratory analysis of the data via a central dashboard - the basis for making data-based decisions to reduce emissions.

Long-term solution for long-term climate protection goals

Our solution not only enables the DAV to create the emissions balance for the subsequent analysis of its own climate protection measures but also implements an efficient tool for the long term. This puts the German Alpine Club in a position to create future emissions balances easily and efficiently and to further advance its own climate protection goals.

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