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ESG Reporting

Become a pioneer on the capital market with ESG reporting

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Our Impact

  • Automated ESG reporting

  • Acquisition of new target groups

  • Flexible settings for individual reportings

The Challenge

The financial industry is changing. New investor groups and their investment behavior are causing disruption. In addition to financial factors, sustainability criteria are becoming crucial for the analysis and composition of their portfolios.

For the internationally active capital management company KVG, we create an individual reporting tool that attracts new target groups and optimizes costs.  

The Solution

We create an ESG reporting tool and managed the implementation from design to automation. This required the selection of suitable ESG rating factors, identifying the scope of the data and the alignment of the data with the holdings. We then performed ESG data aggregation to calculate an ESG rating. The rating enabled the development of a tool for automated ESG reporting. Furthermore, the easy dissemination of data and information to investors.

One thing is certain: For each investor, different factors play a critical role. That's why we designed a flexible tool, making adaptations to the individual needs of each investor is child’s play. Our solution enables the company to reach new target groups cost-effectively and take on a pioneering role in the capital market. 

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