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Venture Building – From the Idea to the Company 

Exxeta creates a digital platform for property management for ista International GmbH

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Our Impact

  • Digital platform for real estate management

  • Unbureaucratic, secure solution with high usability

  • Connection of further applications possible

The Challenge

Every third apartment in Germany is rented out by private individuals. For private landlords, this comes with time-consuming administration and a high expenditure of resources. The energy service provider ista International GmbH has recognized this costly and time-consuming process but also the potential to provide an innovative solution. In addition to further developing its core business, ista focuses on new digital ideas and business models. Data and processes that make real estate climate-friendly, safe, and comfortable. The company relies on the ista Venture Hub to support start-ups in the real estate industry. One example: objego's solution for private landlords.

Together with objego, we wanted to create a digital platform for managing real estate. The goal: To make allocating costs, selecting apportionment keys, and complying with legal requirements quickly and easily. Less paperwork and less time consuming. Instead, a ready-to-send utility bill. In just a few clicks and all in one place.  

The Solution

A secure digital platform for the simple management of rental apartments. We focused on a user-friendly design so the platform can also be used by less digitally savvy private landlords. We designed the solution to be flexible. In the future, additional partners and services, such as a banking app or access for tenants can be incorporated.  


We took over responsibility for the entire project from the overall strategic evaluation of the idea to the technical implementation and development of the venture. In only three steps we moved from the idea to the company:

1. Understanding Users, Recognizing Potentials

In the first phase of the project, we worked with ista to identify and validate the potential in the private landlord market - the starting point for the strategic direction of the project. Based on this, a value proposition was validated and iterated early on, in line with the lean start-up principle. The initial scope of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was also determined.  

2. MVP Development  

Time for the second phase. We developed an MVP for the management of real estate for private landlords based on the identified potential. To ensure the best possible user experience, we tested every feature with the users prior to implementation.  

3. Product-Market-Fit  

After the successful beta launch, we intensified and tracked the marketing and sales activities. The result: An increasing number of users and, above all, useful information about their behavior. Further tests and analysis of the customer journey further increased the performance of the application. ista marketing and sales activities are also integrated into the strategy. The measures are supported by a uniform communication concept with brand tool and style guide. To ensure the continued development of objego, a customer care setup is also being developed that continuously collects feedback from users.

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