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Market Challenger for the Energy Transition

Exxeta accompanies 4cast, subsidiary of NOTUS energy, on its way to becoming the leading provider of automated yield forecasts for the growing renewable energy market

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Our Impact

  • Goal-oriented scaling of the organisation

  • State of the art IT infrastructure and tool landscape

  • Further development of the machine learning forecasting tool that helps to lead the industry

Die Challenge

4cast, a subsidiary of NOTUS energy, develops and delivers yield forecasts for the energy market. They make renewables calculable and thus economically and ecologically sustainable. The expansion of renewable energies and the growing market provide 4cast with many new customers who want to work together to make the energy market more sustainable.

The challenge: automating all processes for setting up individual models for customers' wind and solar parks. This saves time and brings real potential for scalability and higher profitability. In addition, the shift of resources creates space for research and development.

Together with 4cast, we are turning the team with a heavy research background into an economic and scalable company. To achieve this, our transformation, energy and technology experts are focusing on two things: a far-reaching update of the organisational structure as well as support for 4cast in further developing its data product for the creation of automated revenue forecasts and in implementing the upgrade.

The solution

In order to accompany 4cast on its way to becoming the leading provider of automated yield forecasts with the best accuracy, we divide the project into two phases:

Further development of the organisation into a scalable company

In the first step, we take a close look at the organisational structure. The goal is to make processes and infrastructure scalable and to involve the employees in the process.

For this, our agile coaches create a customised organisational model and clarify roles and responsibilities.

In addition to methodological support, we also help to improve the tool landscape. For example, the infrastructure team helps with the introduction and integration of the latest systems. This is important since a sustainable IT infrastructure is essential for the scaling of a company.

In close cooperation with the 4cast team and the CEO, these measures steer the agile speedboat towards the growth of employees, company and turnover.

Automated forecasting tool

The second step: fully automate the existing data product for yield forecasts. To do this, we are forging ahead on new paths together with the 4cast team. The core technology: machine learning. Adaptive and learning algorithms developed in-house by 4cast are already doing a precise job. With the new automation architecture, we are jointly ensuring that 4cast can deliver its forecasts equally quickly and reliably in the face of steadily increasing demand.

In this way, the tool we are building together with the developers of 4cast creates the basis for repositioning the scale-up as a leading provider of revenue forecasts.

  • "I have known Exxeta for many years and was happy to bring them on board for 4cast. The structured approach in project management, but also in team building, helped us a lot to take a targeted path."