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Customer Experience

We work with our customers to identify problems and create real solutions. From the idea to the final product, the focus is always on the end user. By identifying challenges early, we reduce costs and create tailored solutions that inspire.

Fields of Action

We believe in a holistic approach to successful projects: From the ideation phase to the implementation of the seamless customer experience, we create real business value for our clients.

  • Customer Experience – Unlocking Business Growth

    We believe in a holistic approach to the customer experience. That's why we look at the entire customer journey: from the first touchpoints to the interaction with the customer service.

    Always with an eye on validation through data analysis and feedback. We identify key players on the way to customers and develop ideas and solutions together with cross-industry best practices that offer long-term added value.

    Together, we create customer journeys that engage customers and ensure a successful end product.

  • UX/UI Design – Intuitive & User-Friendly

    A nice looking surface is not enough. We create UX/UI solutions that save time, generate real added value and bring the project forward. To achieve this, we rely on usable and expandable systems that can be flexibly extended.

    Hand in hand with the development team we create the best, user-centred process – always keeping an eye on accessibility.

  • Testing and User Research – Uncovering Hidden Insights

    Good solutions need the big picture. That's why we talk to stakeholders, conduct interviews with users, analyse data and create click dummies.

    Our holistic approach makes it possible to balance benefits, costs and impact. This helps our clients to optimise budgets and exploit the full potential.

  • Accessibility matters

    Accessibility in digital interfaces is not a luxury, but a necessity in an increasingly connected world. We ensure that everyone has the opportunity to use technology effectively and efficiently.

    To achieve this, we break down barriers in interfaces and create the best user experience - so that innovative solutions meet the needs of all users.

Uwe Thimel

Exxeta in Action


  • Clear processes

    From building the design system to communication between UX and development. Our process is focused on understanding problems and creating custom-fit digital solutions.

  • Matching methods

    Understanding customers, solving problems: methods such as customer journey mapping, personas or testing with click dummies ensure products and solutions that convince end users.

  • One goal

    Increased customer loyalty and more sales: together we create the user experience that gives you a competitive edge.

Uwe Thimel