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From Discovery to the NFT Marketplace

Exxeta develops WEB3 marketplace for twelve x twelve

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Our Impact

  • Implementation of the WEB3 Marketplace MVP in 3 months

  • A place for 100+ Metaverse events, WEB3 campaigns and collectibles

  • State of the art tech & procedure as a basis for expansion and iteration

The Challenge

There's no way around WEB3 any more – not even for the music market. Tokens are revolutionising the industry. Whether it's a Metaverse concert, an NFT drop or exclusive collector's items - blockchain and tokens make it possible to bring artists and fans closer together than ever and create new experiences.

The Berlin start-up twelve x twelve recognised this early on. Their vision: "Shaping the Future of Music". The first step: a digital WEB3 music marketplace.

The Solution

An MVP for a WEB3 music marketplace. For this, we are developing the initial WEB3 marketplace to create a central platform for music and art fans for collectibles, NFT campaigns and Metaverse events. An essential factor for success: tokens with utilities, e.g. for access to exclusive Discord channels or Metaverse events.

In two major phases we move from vision to practical implementation.

Understanding features, creating potential

In the first project phase, we identify and test the potential of the WEB3 music marketplace together with twelve x twelve. The focus: strategic fit, viability, desirability and feasibility. Market, user research and technology evaluation validate the product strategy and create the MVP scope.

For development, we rely on clearly defined outcome-based goals. This allows us to be agile and to react to dependencies and user feedback. This enables the product team, consisting of product managers, UX/UI designers and developers, to meet the ambitious schedule, which promises a strong competitive advantage for token trading. We also overcome challenges such as the dependence on other service providers.

We use a white-label Backend-as-a-Service solution, to successfully implement the platform in the shortest possible time frame and develop further features such as auctions or Discord integration for end customers and partners. Weekly feedback loops with the TXT team and quarterly defined KPIs enable close coordination and continuous progress. In addition, we rely on uniform user tracking to make user behaviour quantitatively comprehensible.

Time for further development

In the second project phase, the product is further developed with the aim of reaching PMF. One example: a large NFT campaign of the start-up in cooperation with the influencer Pamela Reif. For this drop, which completely sold out within 24 hours, we quickly develop new functions and integrate them successfully.

The next step: developing version 2.0 of the TXT marketplace for tokens and digital collectibles based on business objectives without losing momentum. For this, we focus on future-proof architecture, scalability and expandability of the platform.

Tech & Methods

By using different Platform-as-a-Service solutions such as Vercel, we rely on an innovative technology stack. This guarantees state-of-the-art functions and, in combination with the CI/CD approach, a high degree of flexibility and agility in development as well as enables the product team to carry out daily deployments.

What the experts say

  • "Exxeta built the TXT Marketplace together with and through the management of various stakeholders, delivering fast, excellent and reliable results - from product management to front-end development and back-end integration."

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