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We deliver cloud projects end-to-end - from strategic consulting to technical implementation and operations. The result: flexible, scalable and secure systems and processes.

Fields of Action

The question for businesses is no longer: Cloud - yes or no? But rather: How do I do it right? Our experts develop individual concepts and solutions for each project - with real added value for companies and their competitiveness.

  • Cloud Infrastructure / As a Service Models

    The benefits of the cloud have already convinced many businesses: greater flexibility, higher scalability and lower operating costs. So why continue to run physical servers?

    Whether it is Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we know how to build infrastructures in the cloud. We not only help with strategy and implementation, but also enable our customers to run the cloud infrastructure themselves and add new services.

  • Cloud Native Development

    The cloud is here to stay. The logical consequence is to develop new applications, systems and processes directly in the cloud. This reduces effort and increases flexibility.

    This is where two of our passions come together - software development and the cloud. Our experts work with customers to develop applications where they will be used: serverless in the public cloud. The benefits for businesses: Low costs and flexible deployment.

  • Cloud Migration

    Server capacity is running out, applications are slowing down, processes are getting more complicated and costs are spiralling out of control? Then there's only one thing to do: move to the cloud. Public cloud solutions or private cloud? We decide on a case-by-case basis.

    Our heart swells when others almost give up. We love tricky moves of data, applications and processes to the cloud. We advise, plan all the necessary steps with our customers and implement the project - from start to finish.

Exxeta in action


  • Tailored solutions: end-to-end from strategy to implementation

    Our cloud experts can help you every step of the way, from defining your vision and selecting the platform to technical implementation.

  • Use existing, bullet proof infrastructure

    Whether it's AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform, we have the right solutions for you. We have close partnerships with all three, which benefit our customers in many ways.

  • Industry know-how meets technical expertise

    Our experts know not only the technology, but also the industry in which they work. That's why we're able to develop solutions that resonate with our customers.

  • Enable the team

    Our goal is to enable our customers to move confidently in the cloud. Our teams know what it takes. In addition to the technical implementation, they take the whole team by the hand and guide the entire organisation through the change process.

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