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IT strategy for municipal enterprises

Exxeta develops IT strategy for Rostocker Versorgungs- und Verkehrs-Holding GmbH

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Our Impact

  • Flexible infrastructure

  • User-centric services

  • Absolute data sovereignty

The Challenge

Municipal companies are caught between the demands of the digital city and the pressure to be efficient. One solution: integrated IT strategies - and thus platforms and applications for user-centric services. Our case study: Rostocker Versorgungs- und Verkehrs-Holding (RVV). RVV sees itself as a service provider for the city of Rostock and its citizens and brings together municipal companies from a wide range of areas. This is a complex challenge, because all participants have very different levels of digitization.

RVV wants to be a pioneer in driving forward the digital development of the Hanseatic and University City of Rostock. For this, we create a uniform, pragmatic and practice-oriented IT strategy putting the focusing on lean structures and concrete added value for citizens.

The Solution

Flexible IT infrastructures, applications and services are the basis for the new, user-centric services. Important for the integrated IT strategy: whether and how IT infrastructures are transferred to the cloud and deployed as software-as-a-service or platform-as-a-service models – the core of a profitable IT strategy.

For this, we clarify which criteria a cloud environment must fulfill in order to be secure, user-friendly and economical. Not to forget: communication. Which platforms and mobile applications are used to communicate with municipal stakeholders? What app strategy will be used?

In doing so, we ensure that the municipality always retains sovereignty over its own data since they provide information about trends and developments - the starting point for decision-making. In addition, the uniform IT strategy paves the way for the workplace 4.0 concept. Further training and participation opportunities are created, generating a new culture of collaboration.

What the experts say

  • "With its methodological and facilitative support, Exxeta enabled our project team, consisting of members from several RVV subsidiaries, to develop a common IT strategy in just under three months, and largely in digital formats due to Corona constraints. In doing so, we benefited from Exxeta's experience and expertise in areas such as data management, cloud and workplace 4.0."

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