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Agile Scaled in teams

Successful implementation of IT projects

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Our Impact

  • Flexible and automated warehouses

  • Perfectly matched frameworks

  • Optimized workflows

The Challenge

  • Establishment of an SAP system to provide flexible and automated support for warehouses
  • Engage all stakeholders with a scalable, agile implementation process
  • Large-scale Scrum approach (LeSS), promotes alignment, collaboration and execution across numerous agile teams

The increasing flow of goods and growing customer demands are challenging food retailers. IT solutions that automate and optimize processes can provide a solution. The problem: The success rate of IT projects is low - 71% of them are not completed successfully.

Together with one of the largest food retailers in Europe, we wanted to create an SAP system that supports warehouses flexibly and automatically.

The Solution

A scaled and agile implementation process for a custom-fit SAP system. We implemented the selected framework and accompanied employees and the project holistically.

The result: A structured approach to scaling agile methods. Our solution meets the needs of both the employees and customers. We strengthened this by providing training in the areas of requirements engineering, Scrum, and LeSS to support the onboarding of new employees and their adoption of the system. This way, we enable the customer long term. 


Methodologically, we used a Large-Scale Scrum approach (LeSS) that promotes alignment, collaboration, and execution across numerous agile teams. Our experts provided facilitation and coordination and the whole information flow. We promoted collaboration and cohesion through individual workshops. Very important: Reflecting together. Individual employees benefit from this, and so does the team. 

What the experts say

  • "Projects stand and fall with the employees. They have to be picked up from where they are methodically and be empowered to use the agile framework and its structure and freedoms. In this project, we were involved from the very beginning. Thus, we were able to select the appropriate agile framework based on interviews with the employees and the product to be developed. This ensured that the methodology was a tailor-made fit for the project and that the employees found themselves in a structure that they helped initiate."

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