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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation - from strategic consulting to technical implementation. Developing, upscaling or adapting business models. We make internal structures and processes fit for the future with state-of-the-art technologies.

Fields of Action

Markets and companies are changing - the time is ripe for innovation, sustainable business models and products. The goal: to break new ground and generate a competitive advantage over the competition.

  • Business Models - Re-Think. Accelerate

    From the market analysis to the concrete strategy to the development of the concrete positioning and KPIs to measure your success.

    Do you see your business model in danger due to the digital transformation of the markets or new competitors? Be brave and adapt it to the new circumstances - for your own sake and that of your customers.

    Growth? Open up new markets? Launch new products? Then you need the right setup. Scaling has to happen on two levels, technological and organisational.

  • Processes & Structures - Less is more

    Regularly review core processes.

    There are digital products that customers love to use. Others are consistently avoided. Successful products tend to come from teams that are very product and value stream focused.

    It is not only the goal that is in focus, but also the people. The transformation to a product organisation is taking place at all levels of the company.

  • Technology – State of the art

    You can't do it without tech: transforming the entire business technology. Whether it's cloud computing, artificial intelligence, automation or the Internet of Things (IoT) - all these technologies are needed to take processes, business models or the organisation to a new level.

    An efficient company draws on data to generate the greatest possible business value - a lot of data. Be it to further develop the business model or to optimise processes. This data must be collected, analysed, evaluated and managed. Modern technologies help with this.

    Legacy IT: These are mostly server-based IT structures that have grown over the years - added on, converted, linked. But at some point it doesn't go any further. At some point, building on is no longer enough. At some point, the only solution is to build from scratch. And preferably in the cloud - server-independent, easily scalable and available at any time.

  • Culture – Diverse and future proofed

    Digital transformation means change in companies - also culturally. And this can hurt. Not everyone is always on board right from the start. That's normal and critics can also make a decisive contribution to the success of the change.

    Cultural change can only happen together. What we do to achieve this: We involve all relevant stakeholders from the very beginning, listen to them and take them along with us.

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  • Data

    Data waste can stunt your organisation's growth. This must not happen. Our data experts can help. They can advise you on how to collect and process data correctly. And they can help you build the right technology architecture. Of course, innovations such as artificial intelligence are also an integral part of our toolset.

  • Tech

    We help you identify the right technologies and implement state-of-the-art tech. From consulting to technical implementation. We understand the incredible complexity and importance of a company's tech stack - no challenge is too big!

  • Organisational models

    What to do? Tackle it! Critically question structures, processes and the entire organisation - and then change. You don't know what exactly the end should look like? We support you. Together with you and relevant stakeholders, we delve deep into the organisation, create a target picture and find the right method and the appropriate path. What we don't forget: the IT structures.

  • Product organisation

    Your company wants to take the first step towards product organisation? We accompany you! We not only have the goal in mind, but also the employees. The transformation to a product organisation takes place at all levels of the company. This requires a sure instinct in order to master the change process well.

  • Change Management

    We have already supported many companies in their digital transformation with consulting and implementation and know what is important: involving stakeholders at an early stage, good change communication, the right mindset and empathy.

  • Legacy-IT

    Our IT experts love such projects. They are aware of the responsibility: because restructuring the core infrastructure of a company is like open-heart surgery. That's why we have developed our own product, Exxfer, which tackles the issue of IT modernisation in a data-driven way and with artificial intelligence.

  • Processes

    Business processes are diverse and highly individual. So are the solutions. Our experts will work with you to determine how best to optimise your processes, which method is most suitable and how to set up the new process.

  • Customer Journey

    Just like you, we put your customers first. We design a customer journey for your services and products that inspires, develops and sustains customer loyalty.

  • New Work

    We combine the dynamics of digital transformation with the values of New Work. We see it as a blend of creativity, flexibility and a strengthened team spirit that harmoniously combines technology and humanity. We use state-of-the-art technology, an agile working environment and a deep passion for continuous improvement.

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