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Optimizing processes with real-time analyses

Exxeta reduces logistics order processing times by 4.8% with BOS GmbH

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Our Impact

  • Monitoring of global logistics processes

  • Order information in real time

  • Reduction of global processing times by 4.8%

The Challenge

Logistics is one of the main pillars of the company. If processes don't run efficiently, things quickly come to a standstill: blocked storage areas, insufficient supply to production, and time delays in transport are the consequences. In order to be able to initiate countermeasures, operators must be able to detect outliers in processing times at an early stage, localize the exact area and identify the causes. 

Time for further development! Together with BOS GmbH, a global automotive supplier with locations in Europe, North America and Asia, we want to create an integrated, uniform reporting system. The goal: to give the logistics area a digital update in order to accelerate the flow of goods and sustainably reduce costs.

The Solution

We enable the recording of performance on the store floor and in management for easier evaluation. We also create the technical architecture for real-time analyses and replace the existing manual special solutions for tracking operational logistics data - including integration of the analytics processes into the existing BI landscape. 

We always keep the needs of each user in mind. That's why we always take enough time to analyze and evaluate the target groups and their requirements - in this case from the management level to the employees on the factory floor.

Our solution is as diverse as the target group: For the management, we build up a strategic reporting system; for the shop floor, we map the order throughput times in real time. This means they can be constantly controlled on monitors. The result: we support the operational business in the factories and at the same time enable a top-down analysis of the processes.


We use SAP BW4/HANA for the central data warehouse. This enables complex integration and transformation scenarios. With SAP Analytics Cloud, we develop custom applications that bring dashboarding to the store floor. 


Smart KPIs 

The technical solution is only half the battle: more important are smart processes and the KPIs behind, That's why we define performance KPIs for the top-down analysis of processes that measure the performance of different logistics areas individually.

These analyses are provided in aggregated views. The advantage: Outliers in the performance are immediately visible, causes can be identified and fast reactions are possible. After just a few months, global lead times are reduced by 4.8% with our solutions.

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