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International BI Competence Center

Enable efficient data-driven decisions in the company with the BI Competence Center

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Our Impact

  • Established international BI Competence Center

  • Company-specific roadmap to BI & planning projects

  • Architecture & kick-off for the development of a central data & analytics platform

The Challenge

Data enables independent and fact-based decisions in companies.

That's why we want to create a central point of contact for the KAMAX GROUP and establish a sustainable data supply.

The goal: to enable efficient data-driven corporate management with a Business Intelligence Competence Center that bundles and scales the information needs of all departments. At the heart of this are two things: First, anchoring a target operating model in organizational and process terms. And secondly, to provide a cloud-based BI and planning platform.

The Solution

Using a proven, structured approach, we identify the data and analysis needs of all departments and supplement them with strategic perspectives from top management. From this, we develop a project roadmap for the next three years. In design thinking workshops with the VP IT, and the CFO, we outline the target operating model and define a roadmap for implementation. The result: an optimal organizational design of the BI Competence Center using the existing resources in Europe and India.

We use experience and architecture workshops to develop both the logical and software architecture of the planning and business intelligence platform. At the end, the customer has a well-founded target operating model and a roadmap for establishing the business intelligence competence center and a central data platform.

What the experts say

  • "With Exxeta, we have experienced consultants at our side who have both the concerns of the specialist departments and the latest technological trends in mind."

  • "Exxeta's consultants helped us to quickly understand and apply the potential of the newly introduced technologies."

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