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The Financial Home - modern, innovative and inspiring

For our clients of MLP Banking AG, we are developing a mobile app that inspires

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Our Impact

  • Over 7,000 downloads in the first few weeks

  • Ranked 25th on the App Charts in the Finance category within just a few days

  • ~ 4.8 stars in the stores

The Challenge

MLP Banking AG would like to modernise its client portal. The goal: to retain existing clients in the long term and attract new ones. That's why they decided to develop a mobile app to complement the portal - one that is technologically state-of-the-art and functional.

A project made for us. Our challenge is to integrate complex processes and in-depth expertise into a modern and user-friendly app. Of course, the familiar and valued functionalities must not be missing.

The Solution

We are developing a cross-platform app with a low-barrier design for MLP Banking AG. Our goal is to create a 'financial home' that convinces and inspires customers.

In doing so, we rely on modern technologies such as Flutter and focus in particular on user-centred development with a focus on user experience and user interface.

The result speaks for itself

We did it – a modern mobile app that captivates users. This is evident in the ~4.8-star rating in the app stores, reaching 25th place in the app charts within a few days, and garnering over 7,000 downloads in the first weeks.

For MLP Banking AG customers, the new app offers numerous advantages: they can now easily view their finances from anywhere, conveniently manage their assets and contracts, and get in touch with their advisors effortlessly.

  • "Working with Exxeta was very pleasant. The team's high level of expertise and ability to react quickly were particularly impressive. The trusting and friendly way of working together made the project special for me. I would welcome working with Exxeta again at any time."

  • "We have been working with MLP for years. And you can tell - the trust in both directions has helped enormously to build such a great product with so much fun in the team."

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