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Software Development

We develop better software: customised, reliable and state-of-the-art. This is how we create the base for products, applications and processes.

Fields of Action

Software development is our passion. We develop applications that are as individual as our customers' needs. That's why we don't limit ourselves to one programming language, but continue to develop ourselves and our customers.

  • Requirements Analysis

    Every development process starts with a requirements analysis. Capturing requirements and presenting them in a structured way is essential. This ensures that developers know exactly what the result should be.

    Capturing requirements: Sounds easy, but it's not. We have specialists who use their experience and the right methods to bring every requirement and wish to light. The benefit is that by carefully documenting all requirements in advance, we save important resources – time and money.

  • API Development & Platforms

    Interfaces: Small functionalities with a big impact and necessary to use platforms in a meaningful way.

    We have the experience and technical know-how to programme technical interfaces in the right place. The goal: to access and use business functionality.

  • Mobile Apps

    The solution for meaningful business support - mobile apps. With an app that is easy to use and has interesting features, companies can offer their users or employees a better user experience.

    Mobile apps for smartphones can be developed cross-platform or natively. The goal is to deliver a user experience that inspires users.  In an iterative process, we help define the requirements and develop the app accordingly. Transferring functionality 1:1 from a desktop version is rarely the best solution.

  • Software Integration

    Communication is queen. Even between systems. Many systems are often involved in the value creation process. Their smooth interaction is essential to ensure functioning workflows and thus generate business value.

    The magic word: software integration. We build system landscapes in a way that all relevant systems work together seamlessly. Creating the technical prerequisites and setting the right course is one of our specialities. To do this, we look at the individual circumstances of our customers - we believe are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

  • Legacy Migration & Maintenance

    Outdated technologies, slow processes, server systems that keep on growing - a daily scenario in many organisations. The reason: systems have grown and expanded over time. At a certain point, there is only one way to continue operating: modernise.

    We can help you on your way. We analyse AI-enabled legacy systems down to their core and show you how to make them fit for the future. With years of technology expertise, our experts modernise systems that enable companies to operate and scale their business for the future.

Exxeta in action


  • Use the right language

    We speak many languages. For our projects, we choose the programming language that fits best. This includes always learning new languages and develop ourselves and our customers further.

  • Site Reliability Engineering

    Software needs to work reliably. Our Site Reliability Engineers ensure that systems work - especially when they evolve.

  • Be compliant

    Every industry has its own rules and specific regulations. During the development process, we ensure that all regulatory requirements are implemented efficiently.

  • The human touch

    Good software is more than technology. Programmed by a team of creative minds, it makes all the difference.

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