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Safety for Deutsche Bahn

Exxeta develops knowledge management system for barrier-free access to safety-relevant information for Deutsche Bahn AG

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Our Impact

  • MVP in 3 months

  • Scaling over 8,000 users in 4 railway AGs

  • High-level configurability in 15 feature groups

The Challenge

Expert knowledge leaves the company in high numbers every year. A phenomenon that will continue to intensify in the coming years due to demographic change - also at our client Deutsche Bahn AG. The result: a shortage of skilled workers, lengthy and cost-intensive onboarding of new employees as well as increasing technology diversity and maintenance.

The problem: So far, no solution exists that is designed for employee-generated content of safety-relevant information.

Together with Deutsche Bahn AG, we want to create a knowledge management system that enables barrier-free access to safety-relevant information.

Our solution

A knowledge management system that centrally transfers and preserves the knowledge of employees to colleagues. For the implementation, we initially rely on shadowing and interviews with stakeholders and users to clarify the requirements for our MVP.

Sustainable technologies, user-centric design and enhanced security

Various technologies enable the sustainable implementation of the system including a progressive web app with React and TypeScript for the frontend, .NetCore6 for the backend with an SQL database as well as a schema-based authorisation system for the database and document-level authorisation for open search. Rapid prototyping enables rapid expansion.

With the help of UX/UI tests, we create an intuitive interface where gamification elements ensure more engagement. In the future, content can be created there, tested and made accessible to the right departments. Always a focus: user-centricity. We therefore think about all features from the end user's point of view.

Safety first: We create a single sign-on system and rely on an integrated virus scanner. Automatic anonymisation of inactive users via an HR interface ensures confidentiality.

State-of-the-art knowledge management

Deutsche Bahn's new knowledge management system combines knowledge in one place. This will facilitate training and continuous learning in the future - increasing employee satisfaction and growing productivity included. The new system systematically dissolves knowledge silos and instead accompanies qualification concepts.

In addition, the solution qualifies maintenance – an important step in minimising system failures.

What the experts say

  • "Together with Exxeta, we have developed a knowledge management system that unites the knowledge of our employees in one place and thus effectively prevents knowledge loss. This is an important step for our infrastructure, maintenance and servicing. We are thrilled with the quick results and the expertise that Exxeta brought to the project."

  • "The cooperation with Exxeta was a complete success. From the idea to the scaling of our project, we were accompanied by Exxeta's team of experts. The focus was always on the user's perspective.

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