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SMIGHT – IoT for smart cities

Exxeta develops IoT platform for smart data mining

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Our Impact

  • Highly scalable data processing

  • End-to-end consulting

  • Smart data visualization

The Challenge

The city of tomorrow faces challenges: CO2, particulate matter, noise and increasing demands regarding the mobility of people and goods. Our customer EnBW AG has been addressing these challenges since 2014 with the corporate startup SMIGHT. The goal is to create digital solutions for smart cities – from parking space management to power grid management to public WLAN.

The key to digital solutions for the smart city is sustainably collected data. That's why, together with SMIGHT, we are focusing on hardware- and software-based IoT solutions to enable smart data collection and use.

The Solution

We develop a customized IoT solution: from UX prototyping to portal solution. In doing so, we pay attention to technological flexibility. For highly scalable data processing, we create a secure connection to the cloud. The result: smart visualization of Big Data for all analyses in the B2B context. We understand electromobility, traffic management, environmental monitoring and network planning of the smart city as a holistic concept. Continuous delivery and integration enable the embedding of new features through an agile approach with mutual feedback.

SMIGHT now develops comprehensive IoT solutions for municipal customers and network operators - including new quality of life in public spaces through the digitization of infrastructure. One concrete example: sensors for recording and evaluating traffic data in real time. The information obtained enables municipalities to manage traffic more efficiently and in line with demand - and to reduce pollutants and noise pollution. 

What the experts say

  • "Exxeta and other colleagues here have really also gone down paths that are still determining the direction. We have remained very flexible, we rely on open source technologies. We use very few proprietary standards, which means we don't have vendor login. And that quality that was put on back then, we can pass that on now."

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