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Let’s create the bank of tomorrow

We shape modern banking - innovatively and digitally. With technologies such as AI or DLT, we are rethinking the topics of credit, securities and payment transactions.


  • Digital first

    Our banking experts help realise new potential along the entire value chain.

  • Achieve operative excellence

    Meet the challenges of the market with technical innovation and create real impact for customers.

  • Master current challenges

    New platforms help to integrate third-party providers and raise the customer experience to a new level.

Our expertise

Credit & loans

The lending business is a key revenue driver for the financial industry. Digital solutions and innovative, new business models help to realise new potentials along this value chain. We provide advice and support on the way there.

Our experienced banking experts support the end-to-end digitalisation of credit processes.

For this, we develop solutions through the integration of third-party solutions (e.g. use of the X2A interface for the rapid assessment of customers' creditworthiness) and can thus react flexibly to changing market and customer needs.

Capital markets

Die zunehmende Digitalisierung des Wertpapiergeschäfts und das Aufkommen neuer Marktteilnehmenden und Marktplätze fordern etablierte Anbieter:innen heraus. Wir sagen: Challenge accepted.

Wir beraten und unterstützen Unternehmen dabei, operative Exzellenz zu erlangen und echten Impact für ihre Kund:innen zu generieren. Technische Innovation steht dabei im Fokus unseres Vorgehens. Markttrends, wie die die Tendenz zur Tokenisierung von Assets und das Aufkommen von Kryptobörsen, haben wir dabei genau im Blick.


The opportunity for a global, uniform payment traffic is turning into reality - thanks to the standardisation of financial data. However, current trends and developments such as mobile payments, cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, instant payments, contactless payments and open banking pose challenges for providers.

New platforms help to integrate third-party providers raising the customer experience to a new level.

Become the bank of tomorrow and lead the way as a pioneer: digital, innovative and technologically state of the art.

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