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Energy Market Operations

Exxeta Operations Solutions (EOS) enables efficient nomination and schedule management for complex gas & power portfolios


  • Nomination and balancing made easy

    Nomination and balancing of transnational portfolios in just one click

  • Absolute compliance

    Conformity with European market rules and accounting regimes

  • Communications rethought

    Market partner communication via existing standards (edigas) or individual formats

  • Reach new hights

    High performance and 24/7 availability


Contract and capacity management

Organization rethought: Easily store important master data of partners, commercial network models, framework or individual contracts in the master data module. Simplify capacity management with our sophisticated management system.

Nomination, schedule and balancing group management

Lead time compliance, mismatch analysis or merit order list. Exxeta Operations Solution is the platform for balancing group management of large and complex portfolios. Physical Operations in one system – and according to the regulatory market standard of many European countries.

Market Partner Communication

Communicate with ease using the extensive library of format and protocol converters. Due to the various composition options of the communication chains, EOS can flexibly automate message processes - no matter whether it concerns the own company or the communication with business partners.

About Operations Solution

Exxeta Operations Solution (EOS) is the state-of-the-art-solution for power and gas portfolios in Europe.

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