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A new way of Energy Trading

Exxeta Energy Trading Solutions (EETS) is now e*star.
Automate complex trading processes - for efficient and profitable energy trading


  • Sophisticated frontend

    Trade efficiently with our powerful multi-market and multi-commodity trading environment: one login, one front end – multiple venues

  • Smart Algorithm Landscapes

    Pursue your individual trading strategy by using our algo trading interface

  • Streamline your Trading Activities

    Trade in our internal market and raise synergy potentials

  • Seamless Trading

    Trade where and whenever you want using our cloud trading solutions

  • Synthetic Order Types

    Benefit of extended order types like hidden iceberg- or synthetic orders


Trading Environment

Trade safely and reliably on multiple exchanges at the same time - in an optimized front end. Embedded features such as trade automation, market making, quotation or implied prices ensure easy access. The solution integrates easily into any existing system landscape. Regular updates and support from our experienced consultants are included.

Trade Automation & Algorithmic Trading

Stay ahead of the competition with our trade automation and algo trading capabilities. EETS enables the definition of implied prices, the use of hidden Iceberg and hidden orders. Multi-market targeting ensures the best prices. Customized automation: with EETS, custom algorithms can be developed and easily integrated into the internal market.

Sales Trading as a Service

Use our trading solution to build an internal market for your customers or to operate as a market maker with our quoting function. Unlimited trading: clients can trade with each other and with companies. EETS is the full-fledged trading frontend for your own traders and a lean web client frontend for your clients.

Streamline your Market Access

With geographically distributed trading landscapes and multiple trading venues, it's easy to lose track. EETS provides structure. Organize trading activities via the internal market or act as a central unit on external markets - always as automated as you wish. EETS means fewer transactions, structured trading activities and profitable synergy potentials.

Exxeta Energy Trading Solutions

EETS is simple and secure multi-market and commodity trading. In one frontend and seamlessly integrated - for efficient energy trading.

EETS at a glance

  • 15+ years of experience in the European energy sector with well-known customers

  • Managed Services: all components, maintenance and support included in one SaaS-license

  • 24/7 support from an experienced customer success team

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