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Goodbye legacy, hello business innovation

AI helps exxfer transform legacy IT-Systems into efficient & high quality software solutions

Legacy turns future-proof

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  • Maximise resources

    exxfer helps you identify areas where modernisation leads to significant cost savings

  • Unleash potential

    Analyse, identify, improve:
    exxfer analyses data, pinpoints to quality issues and provides customised recommendations for action

  • Speed it up

    exxfer spots development bottlenecks and suggests ways to optimise the process in order to speed up delivery by 25%

  • Get ahead

    Get ahead of the competition with exxfer’s unique blend of the smartest AI algorithms


Extract & Enrich

exxfer collects data from various areas of the legacy IT system. This includes information from source code repositories, databases, ticket systems or workshops and interviews – the insight into the current state of the system.​

The comprehensive extraction process captures all relevant data needed to identify areas of improvement. The next step: structured data organisation, storage and enrichment by our collection of IT-modernisation algorithms – the key to efficient analysis and processing.

Infer & Visualise

exxfer turns data into meaningful visual representations – a critical step allowing decision makers and technical teams quickly understand the insights generated as well as identify areas of improvement.​

For this, we use various visualisation techniques, including charts, graphs, and heat maps. Advanced analytics tools help identify patterns and correlations in the data which might not be immediately apparent from the raw data alone.

Using advanced data science and machine learning techniques, exxfer identifies architectures smells and identifies microservice candidates from monolithic legacy IT-systems.

exxfer helps identify and resolve even your most complex it-modernisation challenges – unleashing unlimited potential

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