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Green Single-Sourced Urban Logistics 

Exxeta develops an automated and CO2-neutral logistics network for the inner-city delivery process

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  • CO2-neutral

  • Connected

  • End-to-end from a single source 

The Challenge

One click on the smartphone is enough to trigger a series of complex processes. One example: Placing orders on the internet. One click, and the product is manufactured, packaged, and sent on its way. It crosses national borders, continents, and oceans. The most time-consuming and expensive step in the process: the last mile to the recipient's front door.

Together with Zukunftsangelegenheiten GmbH, we wanted to create a sustainable and automated end-to-end solution that operates nationwide.  

The solution

A logistics network that connects shippers, bicycle logistics companies, and inner-city distribution centers. For this, the goods are brought to an intermediate storage facility, so-called micro-hubs. From there, they are transported CO2-neutrally by electric vehicles or cargo bikes to the individual urban areas.

Our solution connects all stakeholders via a central and automated platform. Always in focus: Scheduling and exit of tours and route optimization. We also digitize the intermediate storage facilities. The software accompanies the entire delivery process, connects participants, and ensures efficient and transparent delivery of goods. CO2-neutral and cost-optimized.  

What the experts say

  • "The solution is successfully in use in Berlin. Time to bring it to other cities - for a future with fewer emissions and infrastructure pollution."

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