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E-Point – The Energy Marketplace 

Exxeta develops a digital energy marketplace

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Our Impact

  • Digital customer journey

  • Reduced process costs

  • Seamless integration

The Challenge

Digitalization is changing the energy industry which is now shifting towards digital solutions. Platforms for customers are increasingly in demand.

Together with GasVersorgung Süddeutschland, we wanted to create a platform that brings together information for (new) customers. The goal: To simplify and automate business processes as well as to monitor and analyze them professionally. 

The Solution

We built the E-Point Platform: a digital marketplace for buying, selling, swapping, and sharing energy and services. We worked in an agile way, developed new tools and seamlessly integrated existing GVS tools. The result: A close exchange with E-Point users, digital support of the entire customer journey, and a record-breaking time-to-market outcome.    

The technology is based on the Exxeta Platform Suite which provides access to Exxeta's energy management tools and third-party vendor applications. This includes E-Point tools for live monitoring of market prices, easy data management of the billing balancing group BIKpool, "My Portfolio" to retrieve and manage your own balancing group management portfolio, contract or third-party volume data, and other tools for REMIT services. 

We also created a space for training as well as market news and invoices. This way, we simplified the day-to-day operations of the customers and reduced process costs for GVS and its business partners. We have accompanied GVS beyond the development, and have taken over the hosting, operations, and support of the ITIL-based processes.  

What the experts say

  • "Transactions can be prepared, executed and tracked efficiently, transparently, securely and at minimal process costs via the E-Point online marketplace. Our customers receive all important market and price information as well as direct market access for buying and selling gas and electricity at real-time prices. Foremost in the cooperation with Exxeta is mutual trust."

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